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Andrew Brown

There isn't a strong evidence base for the impact that public health campaigns - like the Know Your Limits campaign - have on the behaviour of their recipients.

Similarly drug education that focuses on developing young people's knowledge of the effects of drugs doesn't have a good record in changing behaviour (particularly where there are strong countervailing forces).

However, there are school based educational programmes which have proven to be effective in moderating the harms that heavy drinking can do.

You might want to take a look at the SHARHP programme ( which has been run in Western Australia, or the EUDAP programme that has been run across a number of European countries ( Both of these use a mixture of knowledge based education alongside sessions that are focused on changing attitudes and skills. They also share the use of normative information in developing young people's knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The EMCDDA has quite an interesting page on it's website about normative education (

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