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Anna Chester

This is absolutely fascinating - and even though I use the google search engine tens of times a day on most days I had never thought to do this. I tried my own postcode - and it's an even better tool for the nosey neighbour than the aspidistra!

Just some examples of what I found!
House prices - not many sales in the last two years which confirms the 'stability' I aready pretty much knew of my neighbourhood;
Businesses that are run by my neighbours from their own homes - including full details of a model shop being run from the basement of the house next door!
That a neighbour (who married a schoolfriend) has patented a lateral pipe adaptor!!
Several members of the local rotary club - foster mums - and a wealth of chiropodists
And several references to what I have been up to!!

Absolutely bears out Charlies point about what you'd expect to find in a reasonably well off area.

Charlie Mansell

Glad it was help. Think what a local authority or Local Strategic Partnership could do with this sort of publicly available information. It could first of all understand the sort of social capital in its wealthier areas and then, having benchmarked that level of local social capital for its area, it can then survey its poorer postcodes and understand better the difference between them and the work it needs to do there to improve them.

Combine this free information with a purchase of a databse like Mosaic, which would give you a more scientific benchmark, and LSP partners can do very targeted local interventions at postcode level.

As well as local authorities and LSP's, MP's and Councillors could use the free postcode data to build much better pictures of their locality for their own community engagement.

I am sure if this is combined with the socio-political influencer toolkit we are developing, TCC could develop a useful methodology for LSP targeted intervention work.

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